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trolley3Q_flatFlowplant designs and builds bespoke flushing units, hydraulic power packs and high pressure test rigs for the aerospace industry.

Aerospace control systems run on phosphate ester fluids that can be very demanding on pump systems. Phosphate esters are used primarily in fire-resistant hydraulic fluids in several aerospace applications including hydraulic systems, turbines and compressors.

They have a high ignition temperature, excellent oxidation stability and very low vapor pressure making them difficult to burn. Well known by their trade names including Skydrol and HyJet they do present particular pumping challenges exhibiting chemical aggressiveness toward many conventional seal and coating materials.

The test rigs that we build provide power for testing these items both at the original build stage and during routine services.

At Flowplant we know how to select the correct components to handle phosphate esters – EPDM seals, PTFE coated cable and stainless steels ensure long trouble free operation from the HPU’s and hydraulic test rigs we design and build. Our choice of vane, radial or axial compensated pumps provide pressures up to 700 bar with manual controls or more complex PLC and HMI systems.


Flushing is the process of pumping hydraulic fluid in a closed loop through hydraulic components at a high enough flow rate to guarantee turbulent flow characteristics until all internal contamination has been “flushed out”. When the returning fluid is confirmed at the required cleanliness level, either by inline monitoring or test patch sampling the component can be capped off and made ready for use. Read more>>>