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Case Studies

Grout Pumping Lines
A UK based company had been contracted to stabilise the huge chasms that our ancestors had left after mining the limestone used to build local housing. In places the roof of the mine was only 2 metres below ground level and Edwardian houses had been built directly above. Read More.

Mill Scale Removal
The principal of thermal shock is being used here to remove mill scale from hot rolled steel billets as they leave the furnace. The ring type manifold is supplied with high pressure water from a Harben Century 8.27.5019 pump driven by a 75Kw (100hp) electric motor. Read More.

Artificial Running Track
Prior to a major international athletics event at Scotstoun Showground in Glasgow the organisers needed the artificial running track brought back to its original standard of cleanliness. Many years of use had left the surface deeply engrained with dirt and the colour had faded from a light blue to a dark grey. Read More.

High Pressure Water Hydraulics System
This bank of eight Harben 8 cylinder 22mm P type radial piston diaphragm pumps are operating on a solution of 95% water / 5% oil at pressures up to 200 bar (3,000 psi) and flows of 54 l/min (12 gpm) each. In this case they are being used to hydraulically raise and lower a temperature probe in a steel vat at a steel production mill. Read More.

Tunnel Boring Grout Lines
When a large construction consortium ran into problems with blocked grout lines on their tunnelling machine they called on Flowplants experience with water jetting applications to help find a solution. Read More.

Artificial Ski Slope
This synthetic surface used for skiing and snowboarding turned from pristine white to an unattractive green colour thanks to algae growth. The manufacturer & installer of this artificial ski slope surface approached Flowplant to see if they could rectify the problem of algae growth on their ski slopes. Read More.

Century Blast Cabinet
In this system the Harben Century pump is mounted in the ES type frame which is fitted with a selector valve and water header tank. It is driven by a 75Kw (100hp) 3 phase electric motor and is capable of delivering high pressure water to the blast cabinet at 700 bar (10,000 psi) and 54 l/min (12 gpm). Read More.