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Premium Harben Jetters

The Harben Drain Jetter – when all else has failed

0F4A7202When you need to do more than just restore flow…

When the drain is choked with scale, roots or silt…

When the blockage is far away from the manhole…

It’s at times like these that you need Harben jetter performance. The Harben pump fitted into our most powerful drain jetter now packs a punch up to 280 bar and 72 l/min (4000 psi and 16 gpm) making it the most versatile, compact jetting unit available today.

0F4A7188But Harben drain jetters aren’t just powerful, they are tough as well. Thousands have been sold around the world and many are still working hard well into their third decade.

That’s thanks to Harben’s unique design. It is the only high pressure pump that will safely run dry. None of our Harben jetters are fitted with low water level shut downs because they simply don’t need to be. When you run out of water just top up the tank and start jetting again.

The Harben is more frost tolerant than any other drain jetter design. Freezing a Harben jetter is very unlikely to cause any damage because unlike a triplex pump the trapped water can expand inside the cylinder. Thaw the jetter before starting the engine and all will be well.

Two for the price of one! Harben senses the pressure that it is operating at and if you require low pressure with high flow, when desilting for example, use a low pressure drain nozzle and the pump will automatically raise the flow by up to 20%. High flow or high pressure – change it every day to match your jetting task and get maximum productivity.

Our Harben Jump Jet, developed by us in the 1970’s, is the only design that allows the jetting hose to be pulsed without causing damaging shock loads. The highly efficient system can propel the jetter hose more than 250m along a pipe and it has helped make Harben the top selling jetter for long run drain cleaning and cable duct de-silting.

Harben jetters don’t just unblock drains. They have the power to clean them back to their original condition, reducing recalls and maximising profits.

When you need tanker type performance from your compact jetter choose one of these Premium Harben Drain Jetters from Flowplant:

For further information about our high pressure Premium Haben Jetters and all our other drain cleaning equipment, please visit our Products, Accessories and Services pages, then contact us to discuss the best fit jetter for your needs.