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Case Studies


Aker Subsea

Only 8 weeks after an initial enquiry Flowplant have designed, manufactured and delivered a bespoke high pressure umbilical flushing unit to a client on the other side of the world.

The machine was commissioned by Aker Subsea PTY Ltd, a subsidiary of leading global oil services company Aker Solutions. The project timescale demanded the super quick turn around because the Flowplant flushing unit formed a vital part of a much larger project – delivery delays were out of the question.

Flowplant worked closely with Akers engineers to develop a machine that would carry out the flushing task and would also interface with Akers existing electronic and hydraulic control systems. The Flowplant 300 bar test unit incorporated many of the functions common to our simpler systems as well as items less commonly specified and more technically demanding.

At the heart of the unit is a Harben® P type pump just like those already used in large numbers at Aker’s Norwegian manufacturing facility, where they replaced more traditional triplex plunger pumps more than 10 years ago. In this case the Harben pump delivers up to 30 l/min and 300 bar operating on Oceanic HW series control fluid. It is driven by an electric motor which in turn is controlled by a variable frequency drive via an Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLC. Two flow meters, one on the pressure line and one on the return line, keep track of the operation and provide a feedback loop to the PLC which then adjusts the flow to meet operational requirements.

The machine is controlled locally via a touch screen HMI (human machine interface) panel which allows intuitive monitoring of all processes and parameters. It also keeps a log of advisory notes and shut down modes for later analysis. It is even possible to remotely monitor the functions through an ethernet cable. The HMI also provides control flexibility and if necessary, alarms and operational parameters can be re-configured even after delivery to suit the end users needs.

Constructed almost entirely from 316 stainless steel the frame and fluid tank form a wrap round protective barrier for all the sensitive components yet the unit is still incredibly compact weighing in at less than 800 kg.


IKM Testing

IKM Testing based in Stavanger, Norway, is a major supplier of products and services to the offshore energy sector. In January 2013 Flowplant, through its Norwegian distributor Maximator AS, won the contract to supply IKM two multi-purpose flushing and testing units. The units are based around the Harben® Century and P type radial piston diaphragm pumps and were chosen because of IKM’s positive experience with the product going back many years.

The flushing skids are required to work offshore in hazardous classified areas so DNV and ATEX certification was necessary. Additionally all temporary offshore equipment for use in the Norwegian offshore energy sector has to comply with Norsok Z15, Statoil and BP regulations and needs to travel everywhere with a full documentation pack containing all relevant certification.

The DNV2.7-1 frames were designed in house by Flowplants engineering team and were constructed entirely from 316 stainless steel. Fluid tanks, also from 316, have a capacity of 300 litres, two large lockable inspection hatches, baffles and a sloping bottom to aid cleaning. Filtration is provided by large capacity high and low pressure filters each fitted with visual by-pass indicators. The filters are capable of providing clean fluid to meet ISO 4406 cleanliness code 15/14/12 (NAS 1638 Class 6).

The smaller skid fitted with the ATEX compliant Harben® P type pump is powered by a multi voltage Atex II 2G Ex de IIB T4 30kW motor capable of running on 50 and 60Hz supplies from 400 to 690 volts. All instrumentation is run from a Ex i intrinsically safe circuit and control valves are either Ex e or Ex d rated. At 415 bar the unit delivers 31 l/min on a 60Hz supply and with optional crankcase cooling it can pump fluids at temperatures up to 60oC.

The larger Century skid is built to the same specification but can provide flows up to 63 l/min running on a 55kW electric motor. It has the additional benefit of crankcase oil cooling and filtration to extend pump operating life.

Thanks to its seal-less design the Harben® can pump a range of fluids without problem. Amongst these are Castrol Brayco, Transaqua, Oceanic 500 and 700 series and most other low viscosity water based or mineral hydraulic oils.

The Ex d/e control panel includes monitoring of fluid levels, temperatures and motor status and provides warnings or shut downs as appropriate. Fluid pressure and flow are controlled by Flowplant designed pressure control valves manufactured in stainless steel.

Once complete the machines underwent full FAT and CAT procedures before entering full time service alongside IKM’s ever growing fleet of Harben® powered equipment.