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FTU RigOur engineers and project managers are fully conversant with the current directives and standards governing the general design of high pressure fluid pumping systems. For stricter offshore environments we can ensure compliance with ATEX Directive 94/9/EC, DNV2.7-1, Norsok Z015, IECX Ex and many API regulations.

Flowplant manufactures the Harben® radial piston diaphragm pump which is ideally suited to pumping low viscosity fluids such as MEG, water based hydraulic fluids and scale inhibitor at pressures up to 700 bar. It has a seal free design and the pumped fluid is separated from the pistons making it unique amongst high pressure pumps.

The Aqua® triplex plunger pump is also manufactured by Flowplant and it is a robust and compact design capable of operating at over 1000 bar. It is well suited as a fast fill and test pump for hydrostatic testing operations and water blasting applications. It’s simple design and interchangeable valves make it easy and inexpensive to service in situ.

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Umbilical Flushing
Umbilical flushing is the process of passing fluid in a closed loop through hydraulic control lines until all internal contamination has been removed. When the returning fluid is confirmed at the required cleanliness level the umbilical can be capped off and made ready for use. Read More >>

Hydrostatic Testing Units
Hydrostatic testing is the process of subjecting pressure containing components to a test pressure which is normally not less than 1.3 x its maximum working pressure (BS EN 12162). Flowplant test rigs are dual purpose providing a low pressure fast fill function coupled with the capability to test at up to 1400 bar. Read More >>

High pressure hydraulic systems are an everyday requirement in the onshore and offshore energy industry. The Harben® radial piston diaphragm pump has been providing fluid power in fixed and mobile installations for many years, where its seal-less design is a great advantage. Read More >>

Test Manifolds & Chart Recorder Systems
Flowline and umbilical test manifolds are a vital part of many flushing and hydro-testing packages. Flowplant have designed a standard range of manifolds in 316 stainless steel with 2, 4, 6 and 12 outlets capable of operating at 1030 bar with flows up to 120 l/min. Read More >>

Subsea High Pressure Pumps for ROVs
Since its launch in the 1970’s the Harben® pump, manufactured by Flowplant, has proved to be one of the world’s most adaptable pumping units. Originally designed as a high pressure water pump, successive improvements have seen its appeal broaden substantially. Some of the most exciting innovations to come from Flowplant’s technical department are the subsea versions of the Harben® P type and Century pump. Read More>>