Flowplant Customises Van Pack Jetter For Canford Drains

Flowplant Customises Van Pack Jetter For Canford Drains

Flowplant’s experienced engineering team has worked together with Canford Drains to create a bespoke van pack with a greater water storage capacity and high efficiency jetting power.

Canford Drains is a Dorset-based family business providing 24 hours drain clearance to domestic households, schools, county councils, water companies and local industry.  Owners Mark and Adrian Naylor approached Flowplant with an interest in its 300 Series van pack jetting unit but required even higher water efficiency due to an issue with water supply at some of its client’s premises. We provided drawings and payload details of the van types that it designed, ensuring Canford’s peace of mind to proceed with a bespoke unit based on the weight and water capacity required to meet its needs. We proposed installing a 400 litre water storage tank on the skid system along with high efficiency jetting nozzles.

Mark Naylor commented:  ‘Our engineer, Jay, was extremely pleased with his new van pack. The first weekend on call after taking delivery, he encountered a difficult job at a food processing factory.  One of the employees had tipped some pig skins down the drains which had blocked up the main line to the pumping station as well as the sewer to many other units on the same industrial estate.

“Jay jetted up the 225mm line with the high efficiency nozzle attached.  He broke through the blockage, successfully cleared it and was so impressed with the machine and nozzles he phoned me to say he wouldn’t have been able to do the job without them!”

High efficiency drain jets provide up to three times more cleaning power from the same jetter. This not only saves on water consumption but also allows the operator to clean longer drain runs with a fast turnaround time.

Delighted with the purchase of its customised 300 Series van pack, Canford Drains also recently hired one of our DTB 500 trailer jetters to carry out a difficult access job on one of the islands in Poole harbour. The machine had to be craned on from a floating barge to carry out the works.

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