Flowplant Develops Thrust ‘O’ Meter Demonstration Rig

Flowplant Develops Thrust ‘O’ Meter Demonstration Rig

Flowplant has developed the Thrust ‘O’ Meter to demonstrate to its customers the increased efficiency that is achievable from high quality drain jets. Now available at all Flowplant Service centres, the Thrust ‘O’ Meter gives a precise measurement of the water pressure as it enters the jet nozzle and a digital readout displays the thrust that the drain nozzle is producing.

Alistair Hiscock, Sales Director, explained how the Thrust ‘O’ Metre was born:

“We have frequently claimed that high efficiency drain jets improve jetter operation by providing up to three times more cleaning power. This means less water is used and longer drain runs can be cleaned with the same jetter, leading to a faster turnaround time on jobs sites.

Many of our clients took us at our word, tried the jets and are now reaping the benefit of increased productivity and the profits that flow from it. But some wanted more proof, so we set down a challenge to our engineers to design and build a demonstration rig that could clearly show the increased pulling power that’s available from high quality drain jets.

Any jet nozzle can now be tested in front of Flowplant’s customers. They can see how a jetting hose that is too small for the flow will severely reduce water pressure at the nozzle. Flowplant can also show how the thrust developed by different pattern jets can make each cleaning task quicker and more effective. With this information, Flowplant’s customers can select the nozzle and hose combination that best suits their jetter and the application.

Jetter operators can visit any one of Flowplant Regional Service Centres to see the Thrust ‘O’ Meter in action and reap the benefits of high efficiency drain jets.

For more information about Flowplant’s Thrust ‘O’ Meter please call our technical helpline on 01722 344 091.

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