Flowplant Exhibits Multi-Purpose Harben® High Pressure Pump at Offshore Europe

Flowplant Exhibits Multi-Purpose Harben® High Pressure Pump at Offshore Europe

At SPE Offshore Europe 2017, Flowplant will be exhibiting our state of the art Harben® radial piston diaphragm pumps for the water based hydraulic control fluids, chemical cleaning and subsea applications.  Our pump engineers will be available on our stand 3B188 to explain the benefits of Harben® pump systems which are specifically designed to contend with the challenges presented by control fluids.

Tough environmental restrictions mean oil based hydraulic systems cannot be used in many offshore applications and control fluids have to be both water based and biodegradable. These restrictions may be necessary to protect the natural environment but they present pump and valve designers with some difficult technical challenges.

Through its understanding of these challenges, Flowplant has designed the Harben® radial piston pump so that all moving parts, with the exception of the inlet and outlet valves, are separated from the pump media by a tubular nitrile rubber diaphragm. This diaphragm is ideally suited to handling high pressures up to 700 bar and the inert characteristics of nitrile means that many different chemicals can be pumped without detriment to service life.

The consequent benefits include:

  • All Harben® pumps can run dry without fear of damaging any components because, unlike traditional piston pumps, the pump design does not rely on the pump media to cool or lubricate the moving parts.
  • High rotational speeds of up to 1300 rpm and a multi cylinder design produce a high pressure fluid stream with minimal pulsations, removing the need for pulsation dampeners in all but the most demanding applications – important when downstream valves and actuators need to be protected.
  • The Harben® P type has a turndown ratio of 9:1 making it ideal for providing the varying flow rates required in many HPU and flushing applications. Excessive heat generation caused by pressure control valves is minimised because high pressure flow can be reduced to very low levels.
  • Pump media at temperatures up to 80c have been handled successfully with the addition of optional crankcase oil cooling and filtration.
  • Harben® pumps can easily be pressure compensated for subsea operation.

Powered by a Harben® P type 420 bar pump with heavy duty bearings and a variable speed motor, this latest rig can operate as:

  • Umbilical and valve high pressure flushing unit
  • Hydrostatic test rig
  • Mobile HPU with the addition of a suitable accumulator
  • Hot chemical cleaning

All the operating parameters can be logged, downloaded and displayed on a large HMI mounted on the control panel and remote control and monitoring is possible through Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection. In flushing mode, the desired NAS or ISO code can be selected and the system will continue to run until that level of cleanliness has been achieved. For hydrostatic testing, the test pressure can be built up over an adjustable period in graduated steps and when chemical cleaning at high temperatures the pump crankcase oil can be cooled and filtered to ensure optimum performance.

Visit the Flowplant Stand 3B188 where our engineers will be happy discuss your requirement for both our standard and bespoke high pressure systems.

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