Flowplant Hotwash Gets Control Update

Flowplant Hotwash Gets Control Update

The complete range of Flowplant hot water jetting units now come with a Universal Control Panel to take care of all the engine and boiler functions.  Gone are the complicated temperature display screens, setting procedures and circuit boards.

The operator now has a simple LCD panel, protected behind a tough plastic screen which provides instant feedback of all the machines operations and safety functions. Behind this panel and enclosed in a steel box sits the electronic ‘brain’ of the UControl which constantly monitors the machines performance. The water temperature is selected on the display panel and the system adjusts all the boiler settings to ensure optimum burner performance at all times.

If any of the major components require servicing the UControl sensors detect the problem and display a warning on the screen, allowing the operator to contact the Flowplant service department and arrange a service visit at a convenient time.

If the UControl detects that the machine has been run beyond its recommended service interval and a safety related component needs replacing it can shut down the machine and display to the operator which item needs immediate attention. This information is relayed to Flowplant’s engineer who can make sure that they have the correct parts on the service vehicle to carry out a speedy repair.

The new system vastly reduces the number of electronic components needed to make the machine work and in doing so improves reliability and work rate.

If you want to see how the Hotwash UControl would work in your business give us a call and we will be delighted to talk it through with you.

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