Health Check your Jetter with our Jetter Test Rig

Health Check your Jetter with our Jetter Test Rig

Many drain cleaning contractors understand that regular jetter maintenance saves money in the long run. By optimising pressure and flow rates, and using the correct nozzle or accessory, you will maximise the efficiency of your jetter operation.

When you buy a new Flowplant machine, it has undergone a full set of performance tests at the factory and we are now extending this facility to our nationwide service centres by offering a drop in health check service for your jetter, whatever the make or model, using our own Jetter Test Rigs.

Flowplant service centres are looking after an ever increasing number of machines, many of which we supplied from new. These will be clearly marked with flow and pressure details, making it easy for us to recommend which drain nozzle or accessory will give the best productivity. But we also see quite a few other manufacturers’ jetters, some new, some old, that carry very limited information on the machine or in the service manual.

Even on modified Flowplant machines, it can sometimes be hard to know the performance. Several companies will convert our old trailers into van packs. Gearboxes, engines and pumps get switched around and it’s often impossible trace any original details. Our service technicians undergo an extensive training program from which they can determine the jetters maximum working pressure but the flow that the pump delivers at that pressure can only be checked safely using specialist equipment.

We unveiled our first Jetter Test Rig at our South East Service Centre Open Day in Barking and almost immediately one of our visitors asked us to check the flow and pressure on his van pack. It took seconds to connect the jetter hose and run up to full speed. A specially designed Flowplant pressure control valve then loaded the pump to its maximum pressure and the flow was read from the calibrated flow meter. In just 5 minutes, the technician was able to confirm that the machine, an old Harben trailer that had been converted, was jetting 3000 psi at 10 gpm.

This vital information allows us to exactly match jetter, hose and nozzles to get maximum productivity and better cleaning ability. It is then held on file so we can be sure that nozzle orders are supplied correctly and in good time. At subsequent services, we will check your machine again and compare back to the previous results. Any drop off in performance can then be investigated and fixed before more expensive repairs become necessary.

Think of it as a blood pressure test for your jetter! Book your jetter health check direct at your local Flowplant service centre.

If you would like any further information on optimising your jetter efficiency, please call our technical advice helpline on 01722 344 091 and we will be pleased to assist.

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