New Smaller, Lighter, Smarter Jetter Van Pack

New Smaller, Lighter, Smarter Jetter Van Pack

Designed to suit smaller vans, reduce fitting and servicing time, minimise noise levels and improve operator protection, Flowplant is introducing the new 315 Series High Pressure Drain Jetter.

In addition to a high specification and a smart enclosed unit with many operator benefits, Flowplant has also equipped the new 315 Series jetter with optional remote service monitoring to facilitate conditioning-based maintenance programmes.  This will reduce lifetime service costs, minimise the possibility of breakdowns and improve machine utilisation.

Plus, the system provides a remote location tracker which shows whether the van pack is operating and where it is at any given time, useful for security and stolen vehicle recovery.  A full list of benefits includes:

Reduced dimensions to fit smaller vans

The reduced overall volume of the van pack means that it now fits into the latest range of mid-sized panel vans, so reducing the capital outlay required to put a jetting rig on the road.

Enclosed lightweight canopy for enhanced safety and noise reduction

A moulded canopy significantly improves operator safety by shielding all high pressure components and minimising machine noise levels.

Reduced fitting times

Simple load tested mounting brackets speed up the van pack fitting process, and a single drain point for all services significantly reduces the number of holes required in the van floor.

Easier servicing

The complete canopy lifts off in seconds and the new layout places all the items requiring regular servicing either near the front of the machine or in a easily accessible position.

Optional lightweight tough skin jetting hose

The regulations prohibiting hose re-ending have made hard wearing hoses a vital accessory to help keep running costs under control. Flowplant offers a range of high spec hoses as an alternative to the standard rubber casing.

You can download  our 315 Series Drain Jetter Van Pack specification sheet here.

Please call 01722 325 424 to arrange a demonstration or for any further information.

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