Our high pressure floor cleaners operate at up to 500 bar (7,500 psi) and will work on any suitable water jetting pump. The high pressure water is used to spin a cleaning arm, which is safely located under a protective hood. At each end of the arm there is a high pressure nozzle which directs the water jet onto the dirty surface. As the operator pushes the floor cleaner forward the water blasts away the debris leaving a clean surface.

The Flowplant Hoverclean floor cleaner is perfect for jet cleaning large flat surfaces quickly and safely. It can operate at up to 500 bar and it is ideally suited to Flowplants range of 30hp plus jetting machines.

  • Pavements
  • Shopping malls
  • Stadiums
  • Garage forecourts
  • Artifical running tracks

Any hard surface can be brought back to life with one of the Flowplant floor cleaners.

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