Flowplant offers a wide range of water jetting units for applications where water jetting has become accepted as the most environmentally friendly solution. These may include:

  • Tube and pipe cleaning
  • Surface preparation
  • Tank cleaning
  • Hydro-demolition
  • Abrasive cutting
  • Water hydraulics
  • Mill scale removal
  • High pressure flushing
  • Hydrostatic testing

The unique Harben® radial piston diaphragm range of pumps are amongst the best performing and most reliable high pressure pumps on the market today, making them the ideal choice for many industrial applications.  The P Type pump offers pressures from 140 Bar – 415 Bar (2000 psi – 6000 psi) with flow rates up to 72 litres per minute (16gpm), while the Century pump offers up to 700 Bar (10,000 psi) with flow rates up to 167 litres per minute (35 gpm).  With ATEX approval for use in explosive atmospheres, these pumps are truly versatile.

If higher pressures are required our Aqua type triplex pumps can offer up to 3,000 Bar (43,000 psi). Produced and packaged to suit individual user requirements, the pumps can be driven by diesel engine, electric or hydraulic motor. They can be supplied for installation into new or existing plant, mounted on our standard skids, trailers or in packages tailored to suit your needs.

Water jetting units have become the most efficient and versatile cleaning method in the modern world.

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