The Spider 50 chain flail jet is an extremely effective scale removal tool for your jetting unit. It is suitable for use on most jetters up to 350 bar and 60 l/min. It works effectively in pipes from 80 to 150mm diameter without the need for a centraliser. The hardened steel chains will clean hard scale, fat and roots from clay, plastic and cast iron pipes.

The Spider 50 jet has a low maintenance water lubricated bearing. The kit comes boxed in a tough plastic case and includes chain link, bike chain and wire brush options. Operators can choose the most suitable cleaning attachments and changing between options takes just a minute with the tools provided.

chain flail jet
Spider 50 flail Jet with chain option fitted

The larger Spider 50 chain flail can clean drains up to 225mm and it works best on higher flow jetters up to 80 l/min.

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