DTX II Trailer

The DTX II is a heavy-duty trailer jetter with a large water carrying capacity.

Capable of holding up to 910 litres, this jetting unit has the versatility to tackle the cleaning of larger diameter pipes as well as a wide variety of industrial cleaning tasks.

Fitted with the unique Harben® P type pump, which can be ‘run dry,’ this jetter is as reliable as it is powerful.

This model also benefits from having a full Radio Remote Control option.

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(Not available for sale in emission regulated countries)

  • Proven Harben® reliability
  • 910 litre water capacity
  • Built-in anti-freeze tank
  • Optional radio remote control
  • 90m (300ft) x 1/2” hose
  • 90m (300ft) x 1/2” Tuffskin lightweight hose
  • 90m (300ft) x 1/2” Stauffshield hose
  • Safety leader hose
  • Tiger tail
  • 1/2” Standard drain jets
  • 1/2” High efficiency jets
  • Root cutter saw set
  • Primus rotary descaling nozzle
  • 9” Drain jet extension
  • Mk11 high pressure dump gun
  • Hose safety shroud
  • Jump jet kit
  • Safety equipment (PPE)


  • Length: 3525 mm
  • Width: 1890 mm
  • Height: 1470 mm
  • Approx. dry weight: From 1450 kg

* All weights & dimensions are approximate.