Fan and pencil jets are the most commonly used water jet inserts. Our jets jets have 1/4″ NPT threads and they fit in our guns, plough and rocket jets. They are also suitable for any jetting accessory with the same thread up to 1,000 bar.

They are used in numerous applications and are available in many sizes. Our sales engineers will match them to the flow and pressure of your machine and accessory. Fan jets produce a flat 15 degree fan shaped pattern ideal for fast cleaning of lightly soiled surfaces. The pencil jets (sometimes called HV for high velocity) create a powerfully concentrated jet. They are excellent for cutting and descaling applications and are capable of removing much harder deposits.

Our water jet inserts can be used in:-

  • Plough jets
  • Rocket jets
  • High pressure guns
  • High pressure floor cleaners
  • Spray bars

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