Desilter Van Pack

The Flowplant desilter van pack is based on the Harben® ‘P’ type radial piston pump.  The Harben® pump uses a high pressure diaphragm which has the unique ability to pulse the high pressure water outlet.  We call this system the ‘Jump Jet’ and no other pump can work like this.

This Jump Jet pulses the desilting hose reducing the friction of the hose against the wall of the cable duct.  This allows the desilting nozzle to travel long distances into the duct, unblocking as it goes.

The Flowplant Desilter van pack offers telecoms contractors huge benefits:

  • Clean up to 180m of duct
  • Rope ducts after cleaning
  • Work at low pressure with low risks
  • Low water usage = high work rates

The Flowplant desilting system can clean very long ducts and as a result hoses and hose reels have also expanded to make the most of this extraordinary machine.

Flowplant engineers have worked with high pressure hose manufacturers to perfect a desilting hose that has great resilience, light weight, low friction and superb abrasion resistance and desilting nozzles with highly efficient ceramic inserts squeeze every last drop of power from the water jet.

The Flowplant cable duct desilting system can be incorporated into some of our standard designs or used as the basis for a completely bespoke solution. A must have for all civils avoidance gangs.

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We also provide full Water Jetting Association safety training

  • Heavy duty Harben® LB “Jump Jet” pump
  • Desilt distances up to 180m from a single entry point
  • Low pressure / low flow operation for safety
  • Low water pressure removes the risk of damaging existing cables
  • Desilts ducts from 75mm to 250m
  • Anti-freeze kit
  • Meterage counter (hose feed guide)
  • Tracking sonde
  • High efficiency sapphire silt bomb
  • Primus rotary descaling jet with ceramic nozzles
  • Tuffskin lightweight desilter hose
  • S Shield ultra high molecular weight hose
  • Safety equipment PPE
  • Length: 1700 mm
  • Width: 1000 mm
  • Height: 1470 mm
  • Approx. dry weight: From 660kg

* All weights & dimensions are approximate.