Flushing is the process of pumping hydraulic fluid in a closed loop through hydraulic components at a high enough flow rate to guarantee turbulent flow characteristics until all internal contamination has been “flushed out”. When the returning fluid is confirmed at the required cleanliness level, either by inline monitoring or test patch sampling the component can be capped off and made ready for use.

The Flowplant range of flushing units are compact, reliable and easy to operate. Powered by vane, axial or radial hydraulic pumps they are capable of providing a flushing fluid pressure up to 700 bar and flows of 250 l/min at the required SAE AS4059 cleanliness code. They are available with various configurations and drives to suit all environments.

With aircraft production increasing yearly the demand for reliable flushing systems is rising rapidly. Flowplant’s complete turnkey systems provide peace of mind for end users and we are happy to work with our customers on bespoke systems that match their exact requirements.

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  • Range of pumps suitable for Skydrol, HyJet and other phosphate ester hydraulic fluids
  • NAS 1638 Class 6 cleanliness standard or better
  • Trolley and skid versions
  • Up to 700 bar & 70 l/min (check for options)
  • Basic, PLC and HMI control options