Hydrostatic Testing Units

Hydrostatic testing of flexible pipes both onshore and on PLSVs has become a necessary and very important part of the proving process. The Flowplant range of fast fill and test rigs have been deployed on many vessels in the last 20 years where the Aqua® triplex pump has operated reliably and economically. It is common for such systems to use sea water for testing and Flowplant has developed corrosion resistant fluid heads and valves to prolong service life and reduce downtime.

The Flowplant skid range offers a complete solution for all pipe hydrotesting tasks with systems delivering up to 75m3/hr and 1,400 Bar. We are also able to offer a complete set of complimentary products such as test manifolds and integrated chart recorder systems that will provide a permanent log of results achieved.

  • Hydrostatic testing of flexible pipes both onshore and offshore
  • Fast filling pump, 50m3/hr @ 10.3 Bar
  • Mid pressure system, 180 lpm @ 210 Bar
  • Hydrostatic air driven test pump, 400 lph @ 1034 Bar