This high pressure foot pedal enables the operator to control the flow of water to the jet nozzle when they are remote from the jetting unit. The valve is connected into the high pressure supply line and is fitted with an inlet, outlet and dump port.

Our standard foot pedal operates at up to 415 bar and flows to 72 l/min and it is fitted with 1/2″ BSP ports.

The inlet is connected to the water jetter high pressure hose and the outlet to the jetting accessory. When the pedal is pressed the water stream is sent to the jetting accessory. It is spring loaded for safety and when the pedal is released it automatically returns to the safe position.

Our foot pedal valves are built on the “dump” principle. That means when the operator removes their foot from the valve pedal the high pressure is safely released to the ground. They also have a foot guard and safety lock to prevent accidental operation.

Typical applications for our high pressure foot pedals include drain cleaning, tube bundle cleaning and safety standby’s. In fact they are used anywhere where an additional safety control is required in the high pressure application.

We also offer a high pressure version capable of working at 1,000 bar and flows of 100 l/min.

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