Hydroblaster Site Trolley (Electric)

The electric site trolley is an ideal machine for industrial cleaning applications on sites where the equipment needs to be manoeuvred around flat and level surfaces. The purpose built site trolleys are available in different sizes with performances up to 15,000 psi (1000 bar) and flow rates up to 198 gpm (900 lpm) to suit each customer’s requirements. These can be towed around the customer site with fork lift trucks or site vehicles.

Fitted with the Aqua AHF215 or 308 three cylinder positive displacement plunger pump designed to give constant flows at powers up to 110kW, with operating pressures from 150 to 1000 bar.  A wide variation in pressures and volumes can be achieved through a simple fluid end change.

  • Tank & tube cleaning
  • Surface cleaning & preparation
  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Variable pressure control, high flow capability
  • Vibration free high pressure water supply
  • Jetting guns
  • Foot control valves
  • Rotablast & Hoverclean floor cleaners
  • Pressure & flow control valves