The Rocket Jet is a large drain jet available in two sizes. The smaller version can clean drains from 150mm to 450mm. It is well matched to any jetter capable of delivering 45-60 l/min and can operate at up to 415 bar. It has 4 replaceable nozzle inserts angled at just 15 degrees making it ideal for removing silt and fat from the lower part of the drain.

The weight of the Rocket Jet keeps it in the bottom of the sewer so jetter power is concentrated where most needed. Unlike traditional plough jets it has a round profile. This means the upper jet nozzles are nearer the crown of the pipe which helps clean the pipe crown.

Nozzle inserts can be either fan or pencil type. For silt and soft fat removal fan nozzles are best but pencil nozzles should be chosen if deposits are harder. This is a truly versatile large drain jet.

The larger Rocket Jet is suited to drains from 225mm to 450mm and high capacity jetters of 100 l/min or more. It has eight rear facing nozzles which can be either fan or pencil type.

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Suitable for drains from:

150 to 450mm (small version)
225 to 450mm (large version)

1/2″ BSP thread

Flow l/min (gpm) 60 (13) Pressure bar (psi) 415 (4000) (small version)
Flow l/min (gpm) 100 (20) Pressure bar (psi) 350 (5000) (large version)

4 rear facing fan jets (small version)
8 rear facing fan jets (large version)

Desilting drains and sewers