The Flowplant Mini cable duct Desilter is a self contained and fully portable duct unblocking system. A flexible hose with special high pressure water jet gently removes blockages from small bore cable ducts.

The Mini Desilters removable hose reel, safety foot control pedal and 140 litre water tank mean it can be ready to use within minutes of arriving on site.

The cleaning nozzle penetrates and washes away compacted silt with the help of a novel Jump Jet system, allowing new fibre optic cable to easily pass through the duct.

The Flowplant Mini cable duct Desilter offers telecom contractors huge benefits and can significantly reduce the time with FTTP installations.

  • Quickly clean duct 100 & 56
  • Can be carried on any small van
  • Simple to operate
  • Work at low pressure – safer for operators and cables
  • Very low water usage

The Flowplant Mini Desilter compliments our larger trailed and van mounted machines.

Take a look at our Desilter Van Pack or Trailer Mounted Desilter

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  • Clean and rope ducts in one operation
  • Compact and portable
  • Integral water tank
  • Super flexible hose for Duct 100 & 56
  • Low pressure / low flow operation for safety
  • Desilt up to 20m from a single entry point