P Type Skid (Electric)

With performances up to 6000 psi (415 bar) this unit is available for site installation or with fork lift pockets for manoeuvrability.  This electric skid is fitted with the unique Harben® P Type pump which features the multi-cylinder design ensuring pulsation free operation, tubular diaphragm pumping chambers eliminating piston seals, all moving mechanical parts immersed in hydraulic oil bath – moving parts in contact with the pumped media are limited to the diaphragm, inlet and delivery valves.


The nature of the pump’s design allows the use of “dirty” water, filtered to only 150 microns, whereas conventional plunger pumps need filtering to 50 microns, and gives the ability to run dry without damage.

  • Tank & tube cleaning
  • Surface cleaning & preparation
  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Variable pressure control, high flow capability
  • Vibration free high pressure water supply


  • Jetting guns
  • Foot control valves
  • Rotablast & Hoverclean floor cleaners
  • Pressure & flow control valves