Our rotary gun nozzle is a is simple, effective and low cost. The rotating pencil jets produce a high pressure cone that cleans effectively over a wider path, combining the benefits of fan and pencil jets into a powerful cleaning tool.

The nozzle is water lubricated and the shaft can be easily cleaned by removing the rotor. It can operate at up to 560 bar (8,000 psi) and 60 l/min (13 gpm). It works very effectively on out MkII jetting gun at pressures above 200 bar.

WARNING! When operating the rotary gun nozzle at reaction forces greater than 150N always use a gun with a shoulder stock and never exceed 250N for hand held jetting operations. Always use a Hose safety shroud.

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560 bar (8,000 psi)

60 l/min (13 gpm)

1/4″ BSP thread

2 x Rotating pencil jets

Water lubricated bearing