what is subsea hydrostatic testing?

Subsea hydrostatic testing is the process of pumping high pressure water into submerged pipes to test their structural integrity. It is made much easier when the pressurising pump can be located in a skid on the sea bed because it removes the need to drop long hoses from a support vessel.

The Harben® pump is available in a subsea version that can be mounted onto any skid. It is very easy to pressure compensate and it is sea water tolerant.

subsea high pressure pump
Harben P type 415 bar subsea high pressure pump

Working at depths of several hundred meters for weeks at a time doesn’t affect the Harben’s inherent reliability. It has high pressure rubber diaphragms which separate working parts from the pumped media, so reducing wear rates and downtime.

With working pressures up to 700 bar and flows to 135 l/min the pumps are perfect for hydrostatic pressure testing. The multi cylinder design allows turndown ratios of 10:1 whilst still delivering a smooth output flow; a very useful feature when accurate control is critical.

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