Since its launch in the 1970’s the Harben® pump, manufactured by Flowplant, has proved to be one of the world’s most adaptable pumping units. Originally designed as a high pressure water pump, successive improvements have seen its appeal broaden substantially. Some of the most exciting innovations to come from Flowplant’s technical department are the subsea versions of the Harben® P type and Century pump.

These subsea pumps offer substantial benefits to users. The oil filled crankcase is easy to pressure compensate and a high power to weight ratio with minimal space envelope are two more features that make the pumps popular with ROV manufacturers. Successfully working at depths of several hundred meters for weeks at a time doesn’t seem to affect the Harben’s inherent reliability. The high pressure rubber diaphragms it uses in place of plungers separate working parts from the pumped media, reducing wear rates and downtime. Changes in material selection for fasteners and Xylan coatings have reduced corrosion levels well below acceptable limits.

Offering working pressures up to 700 bar and flows to 135 l/min the pumps are suitable for applications from hydrostatic pressure testing to blast cleaning, all of which can now be carried out remotely. The multi cylinder design allows turndown ratios of 10:1 whilst still delivering a smooth output flow; a very useful feature when accurate control is critical.

The Harben® pump is now being used by some of the world’s largest O&G service companies for their subsea applications.

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