what is surface preparation?

Surface preparation is a general term used in the high pressure water jetting industry. It describes the removal of unwanted deposits from a solid surface.  These deposits can include paint, coatings and even corrosion from steel surfaces. Cleaning of walls, floors and building facades also come under this technique.

surface preparation using high pressure water
Water washing at 280 bar – a low pressure form of surface preparation

Industries and markets include steel works, shipyards, automotive/car plants, oil & gas (offshore rigs and platforms, refineries etc), cleaning of facades and buildings. 

When carried out by a skilled operator high pressure water jetting will leave the cleaned surface with no changes to its mechanical properties and compliant with cleanliness standards such as ISO 8501 and SPCC/NACE.

Because the unwanted deposits can be removed using just water alone, without the need for cleaning chemicals, surface preparation with water jetting is also an environmentally friendly process. 

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