UFU Umbilical Flushing Unit

The Flowplant range of flushing units are compact, reliable and easy to operate. Powered by the Harben® P type or Century pump they are capable of providing a flushing fluid pressure up to 700 bar and flows of 135 l/min at ISO 4406 cleanliness code 15/14/12 (NAS 1638 Class 6). They are available with various configurations and drives to suit all environments.

With subsea oil production set to increase massively in the near future the demand for reliable high pressure umbilical flushing systems is rising rapidly. The Harben® pumps unique ability to handle a vast range of subsea control fluids reliably at high pressure has earned it an enviable reputation and Flowplant’s complete turn key systems provide peace of mind for end users.

  • Complete with integrated pump system capable of flushing and hydrostatic testing
  • NAS 1638 Class 6 cleanliness standard
  • Features 2 x displacement piston pumps, each capable of flushing 60 lpm @ 1034 Bar
  • Hydrostatic air driven test pump, 400 lph @ 1034 Bar
  • Hydrostatic air driven test pump 3-4 lpm @ 1034 Bar