The Warthog nozzle provides consistent and powerful drain cleaning performance. The slow speed controlled rotation allows the jet stream time to blast at the blockage clearing everything from soft scale to soft bulky blockages and grease deposits.

The WH-1/2 is designed to handle 6”-12” (150-300 mm) lines and is most commonly used with our larger trailer jetters. It is used to clean lines in restaurants, hospitals, multi-story apartment buildings, residential, and other applications. Easily removes grease, cuts roots, and clears ice and soil blockages.

The smaller WT-3/8 models can negotiate elbows and clean-outs commonly found in laterals at homes, buildings, restaurants and other light commercial facilities. It works exceptionally well in drains from 3″-6″ (75mm-150mm) diameter. This tool is most commonly used on our smaller jetters. Also an excellent choice for cutting roots, clearing ice and removing blockages.

Every drain cleaning contractor should have a Warthog nozzle in their tool chest.

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WH 1/2 = 6-12″ drains (Jetter = 38-75 l/min/550 bar)
WT 3/8 = 3″-6″ drains (Jetter = 19-45 l/min/350 bar)

1/2″ BSP thread

2 rear rotating jets, 1 forward rotating jet