The Harben MkII water jetting gun is the safest way to control hand jetting applications up to 415 bar (6,000 psi) and 54 l/min (12 gpm). They are very safe dump style guns. This system prevents pressure being trapped in the gun when the trigger is released, stopping dangerous accidental discharges. When using a dump style gun it is always possible to see if the pump unit is operational.

The pressure barrel can be fitted with a variety of cleaning nozzles for applications such as cleaning manholes, pavements or other large flat areas.

A shoulder stock is available for the MkII water jetting gun to help the operator safely control reaction forces. The gun should always be used with a hose safety shroud to protect against hose bursts.

The gun barrel length and trigger system comply with BS EN 1829:1

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415 bar (6,000 psi)

54 l/min (12 gpm)

1/2″ BSP inlet

1/4″ BSPT outlet

Dump type (twin barrel)

Trigger guard

Safety Lock