Reliability and Service Make Flowplant Supplier of Choice

Reliability and Service Make Flowplant Supplier of Choice

Flowplant was the supplier of choice for TG Industrial Services when its recent expansion dictated the need for an additional high pressure jetter van pack, along with a hot water jetting unit.

Based in Paisley, TG Industrial Services has been servicing the whole of the UK and Ireland for 24 years, providing a range of industrial cleaning services, including high pressure jetting and steam cleaning.

Director Tom Gordon has enjoyed a favourable experience with existing Flowplant equipment. He explained: “I have been very impressed with the reliability of our Flowplant jetter and the exceptional customer service provided by the company’s team in Scotland. Flowplant was consequently our first choice supplier when we expanded our high pressure cleaning services.”

TG Industrial Services has taken delivery of a Flowplant 400 Series Van Pack and a Hot Shot 200 trailer from its local service centre in Glasgow.

Our 400 Series van pack jetter is ideally suited for most domestic, commercial and light industrial applications. With its powerful performance of 4000 psi (280 bar), this model can handle not only general drain cleaning duties but also fat and grease removal and pipe descaling on the most difficult of applications within drains up to 350 mm in diameter.

The Hot Shot 200 trailer mounted hot water jetting unit has a large water carrying capacity of 900 litres and a powerful performance of 3000 psi (200 bar) @ 4 gpm (18 l/min).  It has variable pressure control, water temperature and also detergent control. It is powered by a water cooled diesel engine and piston type pump and supplied complete with equipment. Options on single or twin hose reel options are available which enables two guns to be operated at the same time. Floor cleaning equipment is also available with this model.

Click through for more information about our van pack jetters and hot water jetting units,  then call us on 01722 325 424 to arrange your free demonstration.

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