Lightning Fibre

Lightning Fibre

Lightning Fibre wanted to harness the ability of PIA but also understood the limitations and challenges with working within a network that is so old.  It has become the second drainage network with chambers full of water and ducts full of silt.  We knew that the options were to either not use this system or outsource the cleaning of it to get our fibre in.  Both these options would of course be very costly.

With the support of Mark Preston and the team at Flowplant we found a third option which was great.

The [Flowplant] desilt machine we purchased has been a god send.  We are now able to quickly and efficiently clear the silt ourselves and most importantly bypass any delays we may of faced with blockages, traffic management, permits and additional costs.

The expertise and training we received from Mark [Preston] was second to none and it has given myself and my team the confidence we can achieve our goals.

Dean Robinson, Lightning Fibre


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