China Castle – Hong Kong

China Castle – Hong Kong

Flowplant is a group of talented people who have focused on high pressure fluid systems for decades. The brand is well-known in the market with good reputation. We know the brand products since many years ago and have established a very good relationship with the company since then.

As China Castle has developed a strong network in the Hong Kong market, our clients see us as a reliable business partner. Flowplant becomes one of our highly recommended products, especially the Harben Century Pumps among the full series of products. Its product design delivers the remarkable drainage performance which provides the best fit for modern cities. It’s durability and high performance has earned lots of commendations and loyalty from our clients.

The brand is regarded as one of the most reliable high pressure pumps in the market today.

Last but not least, the Services Department is always helpful who provides us with quick response and solutions. We appreciate the efficiency and their capability to help us solve problems of our clients. Anyone in the industry who is interested in the products would have our strong recommendation of Flowplant without hesitation.

Edward Lau, China Castle Hong Kong Ltd


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