What’s the Benefit of High Efficiency Drain Jets?

Our technical team here at Flowplant is always being asked by our customers why they should pay more for drain cleaning jets with higher efficiency ratings.

We all know that a washing machine with the A+ rating uses less electricity than one with a C rating, because we save money. But what about a drain jet that is 90% efficient compared to one that is only 60% efficient? What is the benefit for the user?

See how much more cleaning power you can get from your existing jetter for just a small investment in quality Enz® high efficiency drain jets, available from us.  In summary, you’ll reap the benefits of:

  • Up to 3 times* more cleaning power from the same jetter
  • Can clean longer drain runs with the same jetter
  • Replaceable inserts give longer life
  • Uses less water
  • Faster turnaround time on job sites
  • Better camera survey results
  • More invoiced jobs per day

Worth trying?


For more information, call us on 01722 325 424 to arrange a free demonstration.

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