At Flowplant we send our sewer jetting units around the globe. Our distributors love our pumps and they’re always looking for innovative ways to sell more. So we have designed a set of modular products to help them!

A large sewer cleaning jetter needs a large water tank. Sometimes it doesn’t make economic sense to ship a tank from the UK when our distributor can source a suitable alternative locally.

But they still want our top quality pump system assembled, tested and certified by Flowplant. So we have produced a series of “modules” that provide just that.

Our pump and engine modules are built on solid skids. With normal workshop equipment they can be installed onto any locally manufactured truck. They are fitted with hydraulic pumps to power hose reels and loose mounted control packs. So they can be conveniently located to suit the operator and the vehicle.

To finish the package we offer our hydraulic hose reels modules in similar skid forms that take 1/2″ and 3/4″ hoses up to 500ft long.

Contact us if you want to know how Octopus Electronics took advantage of our new modular jetters.