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Mobile Boiler Unit

With over 50 years of specialised engineering expertise, Flowplant leverages its wealth of knowledge and skill to introduce our latest innovations in plant and boiler units. This addition represents a cutting-edge expansion of the Flowplant product line, combining our top-tier water process engineering with a selection of high-quality boiler plant room equipment. The result? A winning combination that delivers robust durability and a seamless, uninterrupted supply of heating and hot water for all your scheduled and emergency requirements.

Whether you’re in search of a permanent plant room installation or an immediate solution to address your hot water and heating needs, Flowplant stands ready to assist. We provide flexible options for hire or purchase for our plant and boiler units, ensuring that you receive the support you need, precisely when you need it. Experience the reliability and excellence that Flowplant brings to every aspect of water process engineering and boiler solutions.



  • Engineered with high precision, aligning with our core engineering vision for excellence.
  • These units are versatile and suitable for both proactive and reactive maintenance needs.
  • Incredibly versatile, adapting to a wide range of applications and requirements.
  • These units are built to last, with robust construction that ensures longevity and reliability.
  • Flowplant offers custom designs tailored to each customer’s specific needs, ensuring a perfect fit for your requirements.
  • Benefiting from over fifty years of manufacturing experience, our units are engineered to the highest standards.
  • Engineered with a focus on energy efficiency, ensuring cost effective operation.
  • You’re not just investing in cutting-edge design – you’re choosing British excellence, precision-engineered by Flowplant Group Ltd.

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