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Flowplant offer cutting-edge boiler and plant room solutions, where our mobile boiler units and modular plant rooms redefine flexibility and reliability in heating and hot water provision. With over 50 years of bespoke engineering experience, Flowplant introduces versatile applications for these units, seamlessly combining proactive and reactive maintenance capabilities with hot water solutions tailored for various industries.


Imagine an industrial setting where uninterrupted heating is crucial, or a construction site requiring reliable hot water—Flowplant’s mobile boiler units and modular plant rooms step up to the challenge. From retail spaces to factories, healthcare facilities to events, these units cater to any environment with a demand for heating and hot water, whether in an emergency or planned scenario.

In emergencies, such as a sudden loss of power to a property’s heating boiler, Flowplant’s containerised boilers swiftly drop into position, seamlessly linking up to the system. This rapid deployment ensures minimal disruption, providing a quick and effective solution to unexpected heating challenges.

On the proactive side, our mobile boiler units offer a planned maintenance solution without downtime for the building’s heating system. They can maintain constant or variable temperatures, equipped with fully integrated Building Management System (BMS) control. Our experienced BMS software engineers adapt to any site requirement, ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency.

Whether for hire or permanent installation, Flowplant’s units excel. Fast, easy installation and unwavering reliability make them ideal for both temporary and permanent markets. The modular plant rooms, designed for more permanent installations, minimise downtime during updates or renovations. This unique flexibility allows customers to utilise old plant rooms for further building development, maximising the efficiency of their spaces.

In summary, Flowplant’s mobile boiler units and modular plant rooms are the epitome of adaptability and efficiency, offering unparalleled solutions for diverse applications across industries.

Experience the future of heating and hot water provision with Flowplant’s expertise and innovation.

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