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Duct Desilting Jetters

We have been building our cable duct desilting jetter for over 30 years and our machines have cleared thousand of meters of blocked ducts. They have significantly sped up the roll out of fibre optic cable and and helped civils avoidance – clearing old ducts that otherwise would have required dig up and replacement.

Our cable duct desilting machines use the unique Harben diaphragm pump to create a pulsing water jet that can clear silt blockages from long lengths of underground cable duct.

Silt trapped in long underground cable ducts can be difficult to remove but our duct desilting jetter can clear even the toughest blockages in minutes. A powerful water jet first loosens and then washes away compacted dirt. This leaves the duct clear, so that engineers can easily pull through additional fibre optic cable.

The Flowplant duct desilter jetter range extends to three models.

TRAILER MOUNTED for the longest and most heavily blocked ducts
VAN MOUNTED for ease of use around cities and congested areas
MINI UNIT for the smallest network ducts

Hundreds of our desilters have since been used to unblock and desilt thousands of kilometres of fibre optic cable.

Much development has taken place since the initial Harben duct desilting system was approved. Larger hose reels, lightweight hoses and meterage counters are a few of the accessories available.

The Harben desilting system has cleaned ducts up to 500m long with low pressure and very little water.

Check out our WJA approved Desilting safety training courses HERE

Flowplant are members of the FTTH Council Europe

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