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What is High Pressure Pipe Cleaning?

Pipe cleaning is a high pressure jetting technique used for unblocking, cleaning, and polishing the internal surfaces of steel pipes. It is suitable for the smallest tubes up to large drill pipes. Even drinking water supply mains can be cleaned using this method.

Process pipes must be kept clean so they maintain a constant flow allowing processes to continue efficiently. Heavily scaled pipe walls significantly increase the overall process costs because they cause longer production times.

This technique uses a high pressure nozzle attached to the end of a special hose. The nozzles can be either fixed or rotary with various jet configurations. High pressure water passing out forward and side facing jets blast scale from the pipe wall. Rear facing jets create thrust which will pull the nozzle through the pipe resulting in debris being flushed to the open end, where it is safely removed.

Recent developments in nozzle handling equipment include semi automated nozzle handling devices which keep operators safely away from the pipe outlet.

To ensure effective cleaning, a high pressure pump unit with sufficient flow rate and pressure needs to be used with correctly selected accessories. Please contact Flowplant to receive expert advice and product recommendations.

Flowplant produce a large range of water jetting units suitable for pipe cleaning.