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Water Jetting PPE & Safety Equipment

It is very important that all operators use the correct water jetting PPE (personal protective equipment) and safety equipment.

Our jetting helmets are fully adjustable and meet all current legislation. They are designed for high pressure water jetting operators and provide hearing, head, face and chin protection.

Our jetting boots have been specially designed to withstand a water jet up to 800 bar (11,600 psi) accidentally passing over the top of the foot (metatarsal), an area that is left exposed by many other wellington boot designs. Such accidents can happen when using a jetting gun for washing down or surface cleaning. They are resistant to oils, petrol, dilute acids and alkalis and have a slip resistant sole and energy absorbing heel . The boot is designed to meet EN345-54 and DIN 2 3329.

The WJA safety sign is a 340mm x 477mm foldable and waterproof sign with tough nylon eyelets making it easy to secure in place with ties or bungee straps.

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