The Flowplant Mini Desilter hits the telecom market after a year of successful trials with the UK’s largest installer of fibre optic cable.

The Mini Desilter provides a safe and reliable solution for blockage clearing in duct 56 & 100.

Flowplant have used their 30 years experience in duct clearing to design a modular system that can be deployed quickly without the need for specialist vehicles.

Purpose built hose reels and colour coded hoses are just two of the design innovations employed to keep operators safe and sound.

The Mini Desilter combines the latest hose and nozzle technology with a special high pressure pump. Flowplant desilter expert Mark Preston says “We have tested dozens of hose and nozzle configurations to find the very best set up, keeping operating pressures really low but still capable of unblocking badly choked ducts. The results achieved have been remarkable.”

The first Mini Desilters have already been shipped from the factory and a new batch building cell has been set up to cope with current demand.

Contact us for more details on how the Mini Desilter can help your fibre roll out programme.