South African Flowplant distributor Octopus Electronics hit the ground running late last year securing an order for a powerful Harben Century drain cleaning unit. It has proved such a success that Octopus have just placed an order for another similar machine.

The Harben unit was designed on separate skids so that Octopus technicians could mount it to their customers truck. The first skid supported the pump and engine whilst the second contained the large capacity hydraulic hose reel. Before leaving the UK the complete assembly was tested at full pressure for several hours.

Once mounted the the skids can be connected up hydraulically, a water tank added and the complete unit is ready to get out to work.

The Harben Century is perfectly suited to the huge range of drain cleaning jobs found in South Africa. The performance ranges from 700 bar to 130 l/min so descaling and desilting tasks are completed with ease.

If you would like more information on how the Harben Century can help with your cleaning operation contact us now.