In today’s competitive business landscape, investing in cutting-edge equipment is crucial for staying ahead. Many businesses face financial hurdles when acquiring such assets. While Flowplant doesn’t offer finance directly, we recognise this is an option you could consider to unlock growth potential with financing for Flowplant machines.

Tailored Financing Solutions – Designed with your needs in mind, financing options provide the flexibility to fit your specific business requirements. Whether you’re a small start-up or a seasoned pro, considering financing for your Flowplant unit could give you access to top-of-the-line machines without straining your finances.

Consider Financing Your Flowplant Acquisition – Gone are the days of hefty upfront payments. By exploring financing for your Flowplant purchase, you can spread costs over a manageable period. This not only eases immediate financial strain but also unlocks access to essential units, fortifying service capacity and positioning you for growth.

Strategic Financial Planning for Success – Maintaining healthy cash flow is essential for sustainability. By considering financing options, you can strategically navigate operational finances. Spreading costs ensures robust cash reserves, enabling you to seize opportunities and overcome any challenges that may arise.

Don’t let financial constraints hold your business back. While Flowplant doesn’t offer finance directly, consider financing options available from various providers. Conduct research or get in touch with us, and we can pass on your details for potential lenders to contact you. Unlock full potential and take your business to new heights with Flowplant machines.



Our 115 van pack jetter cleans drains up to 150mm diameter. It is the smallest jetter in our van pack range and it has a Honda petrol engine which can deliver 3000 psi (200 bar) up to 8 gpm (36 l/min).

Monthly repayment: £305.00

Weekly repayment: £70.00


Figures quoted are derived from a 5-year term. Financing options are exclusively accessible to UK businesses registered as limited companies. Potential charges for initial rental and final payment may be applicable. While the prices provided are accurate at the publication date, they may be adjusted in accordance with base vehicle pricing, subject to market conditions and financial standing.


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