High Pressure Pumps

Flowplant manufacture a large range of high pressure pumps for use throughout the high pressure jetting industry. Our pumps can be purchased for inclusion into your own project and our engineers will be happy to advise on installation requirements. Alternatively we can offer a wide range of turn key solutions.

water hydraulic high pressure pump

Harben 415 bar radial diaphragm pump

Our Harben diaphragm pumps can run dry and will operate up to 700 bar. Our Aqua range of triplex plunger pumps are rugged, with proven reliability across many industrial water blasting applications.

Industrial Water Jetters

We have a wide range of industrial water blasters which can be supplied with working pressures from 200-3000 bar, either electric or diesel powered.

water jetter with Aqua triplex plunger pump

1,400 Bar Hydroblaster trailer

Our jetters are available with Harben diaphragm or Aqua type triplex plunger pumps. Our knowledgeable sales and engineering staff will advise which type of system is best for you high pressure jetting application.

Duct Desilting Jetters

The Flowplant range of duct desilting machines are used extensively in the telecommunication industry for clearing and cleaning underground cable ducts. Our unique high pressure water jet operates at low pressure so there is low risk of cable damage, even on long duct runs.

high pressure diaphragm pump installed on cable duct desilting machine

DTK Duct Desilter trailer

Drain Jetters

Flowplant drain jetters are designed for contractors who demand the very best jetting performance from their drain cleaning equipment. A complete range of trailer, van and truck mounted machines cover drainage systems from 2″ (50mm) all the way up to large storm water culverts.

drain jetting unit

320 Series Van pack jetting unit

Our most popular models are fitted with the Harben radial piston diaphragm pump – the only high pressure pump in the world that can run dry without causing damage and the most frost tolerant pump available.

High Pressure Pumps & Systems for the Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry has some of the most demanding operating conditions in the world and some of the toughest safety standards. Our Harben radial piston diaphragm pumps and Aqua triplex plunger pumps are used across a wide range of onshore and offshore high pressure pump applications. The Harben is ideally suited to pumping the low lubricity fluids, found in many umbilical flushing tasks. It is a supremely flexible pump capable of operating in flushing, hydrostatic testing and even chemical flushing situations.

electrically powered skid mount jetter

700 Bar Zone 1 flushing unit

Custom Build Water Jetters

Flowplant offers consultancy and technical assistance on a wide range of high pressure fluid pumping applications. We are able to offer custom design solutions across all applications.

custom built high pressure flushing unit

Custom built high pressure flushing unit

Water Jetting Accessories

We have a huge range of water jetting spares, high pressure hoses, safety equipment and drain cleaning nozzles. Just about anything you need to carry out your high pressure water jetting task.

turbo descaling jet

Turbo drain descaling nozzle

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