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Multi Skid Jetters

Our multi skid jetters are designed on a modular concept for easy fitting anywhere in the world.

280 bar skid mounted jetter with water tank
High pressure pump skid with optional water tank
High pressure hydraulically driven hose reel
high pressure jetting unit control panel and inlet hose reel
Control panel module with combined inlet reel

Unlike a traditional skid layout, with all the major components mounted together, the multi skid system is different. It lets the end user decide the layout that best suits their working method and vehicle layout.

We have broken the complete jetter down into three smaller modules:-

Module 1 – Pump module

This module comprises the pump and engine system and can also include the water tank.

Module 2 – Hose Reel

The hose reel module comes complete with all hydraulic controls and customers can specify the size of hose reel they need. The high pressure water can also be controlled from this module.

Module 3 – Control module

The control module houses the engine controls and optional radio control system.

All the modules are tested in our factory before shipping. On site final assembly is a simple matter of mounting each module where you want them and making the connections.

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