Our 115 van pack jetter cleans drains up to 150mm diameter. It is the smallest jetter in our van pack range and it has a Honda petrol engine which can deliver 3000 psi (200 bar) up to 8 gpm (36 l/min).

The 115 weighs under 600 kgs with 325 litres of water and it can jet continuously for 10 minutes. It is ideal for smaller vans with limited payloads or for multi purpose vans carrying lots of additional equipment.

The pivoting hose reel holds 90m x 3/8″ jetting hose. It can be swung to the left or right of the van making it easy to operate from both sides. The high pressure water selector is mounted conveniently on the swing arm. All the controls are easy to use and immediately accessible from the rear of the van.

The 115 van pack jetter also benefits from a 5 channel radio control (option). The handset is shock resistant and waterproof. It has a 100m range and operators can control the water pressure, engine speed and engine stop functions.

radio control handset
5 Channel Handset

All our drain jetters are manufactured to British Standard BS EN 1829, the safety standard for high pressure water jetting units.

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  • 200 bar (3,000 psi) / 36 l/min (8gpm)
  • 325 litre (72 gallon) water tank
  • Ideal for drains up to 150mm
  • 120° pivoting hose reel
  • Enclosed design for improved safety
  • Built-in anti freeze system
  • Dry shut system
  • 5 channel radio remote control
  • 60 or 90m (300ft) x 3/8” hose
  • Safety leader hose
  • Tiger tail
  • 3/8” Standard drain jets
  • Rotary descaling jets
  • Mini jet kit
  • 9” Drain jet extension
  • Spray gun
  • Hose safety shroud
  • Safety equipment (PPE)


  • Length: 1135 mm
  • Width: 1200 mm
  • Height: 1120 mm
  • Approx. dry weight: From 270 kg

* All weights & dimensions are approximate.