Our 5mm bore micro mini jet kit comes complete with very small micro nozzle. It is suitable for cleaning and unblocking urinal waste pipes and other small bore drainage systems.

The kit comprises a 20′ (6m) flexible micro hose with a 5mm bore and close coupled micro jet nozzle. The ferrule and nozzle are only a few centimetres long so the hose can travel around the tightest bends with ease.

micro mini jet nozzle

Micro mini jet kits can be used on any drain jetter that is fitted with a pressure control valve. They can work at up to 300 bar ( 4,300 psi) and flows of 30 l/min (6 gpm). The 1/2″ adaptor allows the micro kit to be fitted to the jetter 1/2″ safety leader hose.

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6m x 5mm

Micro jet 3r 1f

1/2″ BSP male