Flowplant water hydraulic power units (HPU’s) are available at operating pressures up to 700 bar. They can be configured to provide hydraulic power, flushing and testing functions, within one machine. This flexibility maximises asset utilisation and minimises ownership costs. The Harben® pump will handle most low viscosity oil (10cSt) and water-based fluids at temperatures up to 60oC. This makes it the ideal multi-purpose high pressure pump. Filtration levels and circuitry can be defined by our clients or alternatively Flowplant are happy to provide standard units.

The user interface can be via simple push button control panels but HMIs are often utilised for more complex units. If remote connectivity and monitoring is required, PLCs can be incorporated so that pressure, flow and operating data can be exported for remote monitoring.

Our engineers will work with you on the precise requirements of your hydraulic system. After all project parameters have been agreed we will provide a P&ID and GA for sign off prior to manufacture.

Flowplant unit P&ID for testing BOP control system functions

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