The latest edition of our Drain Cleaning Accessories Catalogue is now available. Updated and expanded, it includes many new lines that help to increase the efficiency, productivity and safety of jetter operation:

  • Aquaspin – a 40mm diameter rotary jet suitable for descaling and general cleaning in pipes up to 225mm in diameter.
  • Safety Leader Hose – acts as a warning to the operator that the jetting nozzle is close to the manhole entry and care should be taken.
  • Mini Jet Kits – complete with a small ball jet suitable for travelling around the tight bends encountered in gullies and traps.
  • Tiger Tails – protect the hose as it passes around tight bends and manhole exits.
  • P&A Gun Spinning Nozzle – simple and low cost spinning pencil jet producing a high pressure cone that cleans effectively over a wider path

All the products include specification details and part numbers to aid the ordering process; however, the Flowplant Technical Team is always on hand to assist with enquiries and advice to ensure the correct and most relevant part is selected for each client’s specific jetter model.

Our Drain Cleaning Accessories Catalogue is available to download here.  To request a printed copy, for further information or to place an order, please contact us.