The Aquaspin descaling jet is a 40mm spinning jet for descaling and general cleaning in pipes up to 225mm diameter. It can work at pressures up to 700 bar but will clean softer deposits with as little as 280 bar. It can be used on on jetters with flows between 45 and 100 l/min and comes with a 1/2″ fitting.

The rotor is fitted with 4 jets at 90 degrees, excellent for cleaning hard deposits from the pipe wall. Alternatively it can have 2 jets at 90 degrees and 2 jets at 45 degrees, for cleaning and pulling longer distances.

The Aquaspin descaling jet will work well in all drainage pipe regardless of their construction material. Because it can operate at high pressure it is extremely versatile. It is equally effective removing hardened deposits from cast iron pipes or softer fats in a clay pipes.

It is possible to use any compatible centraliser with the Aquaspin. This enhances its cleaning ability in pipes bigger than 150mm diameters. It is not necessary to use a centraliser in smaller diameter pipes. Keeping the jet immersed in a clean diesel solution when not in use will help keep it working perfectly.

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Suitable for drains from 100 to 225mm

1/2″ BSP thread

Flow l/min (gpm) 90 (20)

Pressure bar (psi) 1,000 (15,000)

4 rotating nozzles

Options of 2 @ 90 degree, 2 @ 45 degree or 4 @ 90 degree